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- A lot of our clients prefer to use email.  You can send us notes here or contact us by phone. Metro 817-849-8114


Where are your wedding prices?
 A.  We don't post our pricing on the web because we offer so many different packages.  Most clients choose a custom package that varies based on a number for factors:  Time, prints, bridals, other services all come in to play for your wedding.  Larger weddings tend to require more work and sometimes cost more but not always.  Some smaller weddings can be just as expensive or more than larger ones.  We are flexible to meet the demands of today's bride and grooms.  

What if I want all digital for my wedding?  A.  No problem, we can provide you all the details when you call but you can expect to have the images to keep on CD's and online re-print ordering.

Why should you choose Priakos Photography?
A.  Because we are different.  For weddings we shot a blend of story book style mixed with traditional.  Our portraits are not typical studio shots, we utilized the great places to shoot in the DFW area.  We take our time and we shoot until we get the perfect shots for you.

What if I am already booked?
A. Sometimes that happens especially in the summer months.  If I am booked I can refer you to other local photographers. 

I need a photographer FAST can you help?
A. Of course, we get calls all the time to shoot weddings and portraits.  Sometimes, plans change.  If you are in a hurry, we can help.


About Choosing a photographer:
Rule #1. This is your wedding/event/sitting, do and get what you want not what the photographer wants.  Don't settled.  Get what you are looking for.  If you need help, ask us, our insight is always free of charge.


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